Redefine. Design. Reach.

Khrys Vaughan, PMP, SCSP
Author, Consultant, Creator of In Her Company.

There has never been a better time, or greater need, for Multi-Passionate Women. Today’s issues are not one-dimensional, but multifaceted requiring women with unique perspectives, accustomed to moving pieces, and a strong desire to use business as a vehicle to address them. Women like YOU.

As much as I enjoy writing twisted stories with strong female characters, I, also, enjoy helping women step into their places, becoming the ‘more’ they desire to be. I provide multi-passionate women with the structure and framework to make their HUGE visions happen. And lead them through a process where they gain clarity, redefine what matters most, and design the life and/or business they truly want.

If you are ready to challenge your idea of impossible, be held accountable by women who know we are stronger together, and refuse to live beneath their capability, click here to book an appointment. We will have tea, talk about chasing impact not straws, and taking the next step toward the ‘more’ that you see.