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Time - Waits for No One!

At Some Point…

Time - Waits for No One!

I came across a post on Twitter – @VeganFoodQuest‘s 2016 Open Letter. Being vegan, and a future world traveler, it immediately piqued my interest. And after reading about the amazing food, locations, and their feeling alien upon return, shared the post with my husband along with a note that at some point, we too should do this.

At some point…

A while ago, I created a t-shirt bearing that phrase as a reminder to others to step away from the keyboard and re-engage life. But, those words can also have a different meaning.

‘At some point’ – as in ‘later’ and ‘some day’ – words not on any calendar.

At some point – heard from people who may actually be committed, but are also very distracted.

At some point – what we say when we know we should be doing something else, but are so caught up with the every day mundane, we can’t even imagine how that would happen or when. Or until we tire of hindsight revealing missed opportunities, and areas where we can be more specific, determined, and focused.

Scrolling through any social media feed quickly reveals the abundance of ingenuity and people doing amazing things. But no matter how interesting, most will not move you forward, nor have any relevancy to your particular path. Given that we are here for a limited time, the best thing may be to cheer others on as we scroll through in order to see where our time, effort, and energies are best spent, and finally arrive ‘at some point’.