For my last birthday, my gift to myself was commissioning an art piece based on one of my dreams. I never thought of doing so until I came across Ruth Krijah on Patreon. I had inerringly assumed something like this would be well beyond my reach. But her tagline – Creating portraits of dreams and wild women – resonated with me so I took a chance and contacted her any way.

Fortunately, Ruth accepted. Our communicating with a great deal of clarity allowed her to capture the vision from my dream perfectly.  The colors, positioning, shading, my likeness are exactly what I saw. And my dream, coupled with taking a chance, led me around the world to a wild at heart sister in Austria whom I now call friend.

The finished work you see here is the result of our collaboration. It also reminds me to reach beyond to a world full of endless possibilities.

Art work is copyrighted.  Watch the video at double speed for a time-lapse effect.

Khrys Vaughan's Dream. Art work by Ruth Krijah. Copyrighted.