Have Tea with Me

I am a Consultant to multi-passionate women with HUGE vision.

As a multi-passionate myself, I understand your varied interests, that there is much in life you want to accomplish, and that you often see things as multiple components or layers.

I know how frustrating it can be when well-meaning people try to force you to ‘choose one thing’, assume you are playing devil’s advocate when you ask questions, rather than simply processing and reiterating in your mind.

Perspective is a powerful thing. It can be helpful to have someone who sees beneath the surface, who knows there’s a method to your madness, and is willing to work with you to develop a plan of action unique to you.

I focus on three (3) key areas in my Consulting:
1. Mentoring – Not as a child. You’re a grown woman. We will work through areas where you feel stuck/in transition, and gain clarity on what you truly want.

2. Accountability – Often, knowing we have to check-in, and be honest about our status, is all that’s needed to stay the course. Other times, a kick.

3. Progress – We prove what is possible with each milestone, and take time to consciously celebrate each win. This counters negative thoughts we’re faced with when we have nothing to show for our hard work.

I work with

1. Female Authors seeking:

Support, Accountability, and Connection with other Women Writers.

Information from diverse & unique perspectives to boost their writing.

Insight into their writing projects, marketability, and options beyond the book.


2. Women Business Owners/Entrepreneurs who:

Want to position themselves for social impact, using business as the vehicle.

Are at a point of transition, determining what’s next.
(usually businesses of 3-5 years)

Are just starting out. Have an idea they would like to take from concept to launch.
(I created 90 Days to Launch just for you!)

If You:
Know there’s something ‘more’, but not sure what that is.

Are committed to doing the hard work.

Are ready to run with women who cheer each other on & revel in the outcomes

You are in the right place.

Let’s begin with tea, clearing the way for a more productive Consulting session. Our time together also, contributes to something greater. By being among the first to sample these rare blends, you become an early participant in the experience that will benefit the women our Tea Project will serve. (Same if we do so remotely. You will receive a care package upon becoming a client).

I look forward to having tea with you and helping bring clarity to your journey. Take the first step by clicking below to schedule a 15-minute conversation.

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