Work With Me

Different outcomes call for different decisions.

After more than twelve (12) years as a Consultant (Small and Women-Owned businesses, For-profit Social Enterprises), I came to the realization that although I had found solutions for everyone else, I had no such formula that worked for me. What was meant to be a brief hiatus, has through many ups, downs, twists and turns, led me to create spaces for my own voice and unique blend of skills, and platforms for women seeking to do the same.

As a multi-passionate woman, I know that there is much you want to accomplish. That your varied skills and interests can be a source of contention. That well-meaning people wanting you to ‘choose one thing’ brings you no comfort. That you would stop questioning which path to pursue if only you could make sense of the multiple components and layers in your mind, pull the vision from your notebooks, and put the pieces together right. And that more than anything, you are

Tired of living beneath your potential.

Perspective is powerful. The right perspective, a powerful tool giving you clarity, confidence in your abilities to plot a course, and courage to pursue it. 

I work with women who are:

Female Entrepreneurs/Women Business Owners wanting to
use business as a vehicle for good (Social Impact).

At a point of Transition, determining what’s next.
(Personally or in Business)

Authors seeking accountability, marketing insight &
options beyond the book for their writing projects.


Three (3) options exist for us to work together:

90 Days to Launch

Private Consultation.

Redefine, Design, & Reach + Retreat

Each is offered wholistically, integrating life and business.