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Full Brain Creativity

I only discovered I was creative several years ago after taking what was to be a brief hiatus. Until that time, I worked in very linear, analytical left brain fields with clear hierarchies, metrics, goals, and performance requirements. It’s only in hindsight that I’m able to identify times my right brain showed up, its appearance followed by comments

Tapestry – What it Means to be Woven

I take walks almost daily. It was on one of these walks that the words ‘woven’, ‘tapestry’ came to me. I immediately thought of both fabric and DNA strands – something I’ve become more familiar with since discovering I was adopted. When I got home, I looked up the following definitions: Interwoven – to weave

Book Marketing Tools Workshop - How to Build an Audience, Grow Your List, Sell More Books!

Build an Audience, Grow Your List, Sell More eBooks

This past weekend, I attended the ‘How to Build an Audience, Grow Your List, Sell More Books!‘ workshop by Shawn Manaher, founder of and host of The Author Hangout, a weekly podcast where he interviews successful authors and provides actionable tips listeners can implement immediately.  The event was sponsored by the St. Louis Publishers Association (SLPA), held at

#PitMad 2016 Experience and Developing Pitch


With September 8th being the next #PitMad, thought this would be a good topic to revisit & hopefully provide insight. —————————————————————————– Last Thursday, I visited Twitter and saw #PitMad was trending – literally a massive party on Twitter where writers pitch their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts in 140 characters or less. I first saw mention of PitMad several