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Getting Rid of Rafts, by Khrys Vaughan

Getting Rid of the Raft

I’ve been fighting the Battle of Resistance and losing miserably at times.

Earlier this week, I spoke with a dear friend who’s been helping me transition to the ‘new’ I want to create. When she told me about a Buddhist proverb, the Parable of the Raft, so much of what I had been struggling with came into focus.

Summary: We build rafts throughout our lives to get us from point A to point B, or to destinations where no path or bridge exists. But, once you reach the other side, the raft has served its purpose. You don’t pick it up and carry it with you. You leave it behind.

Hearing this meant I could finally stop berating myself over things that once, but no longer worked. For not being able to maintain practices that at one time, served me and others well, but cause me to struggle now. I didn’t realize that as I stepped out to create something new and of my own, after a decade and a half of helping others do the same, I was pouring old wine into new wine skins. And true to the biblical parable, wondering why the two weren’t gelling. Code for “What is wrong with me?” After all, that’s what experience is for, right?

I’ve drawn on a body of work comprising several decades. My archives are filled with lessons learned to glean from, templates I do not have to recreate, and projects to collapse time frames eliminating the need for myself and others to start from scratch. Nothing is wrong with any of this. It’s standard practice. But, what I also retained, however, were processes, structures, and tools that though still relevant, flexible, useful, no longer suit me or my journey. The problem isn’t so much the raft, but the ‘cargo’ that came over with it.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring this further alongside other creatives like myself who are also on their journey. Do not be surprised if you see the website and associated projects go through several iterations. It’s a process and takes time for what’s internal to be reflected outwardly.

In the mean time, here are a few thoughts that may be of help if you find yourself in this space too. Share your thoughts in the comments. Although we journey solo, we do not do so alone.


  1. Identify and get rid of any ‘rafts’.
  2. Delete and remove, not declutter.
  3. Release any areas you are pouring old wine into new wine skins.
  4. Welcome what’s underneath – breathe and feel the awkwardness of being free (yourself without layers).
  5. Build anew! Your temple and your kingdom. What does that look like? What do you now need?
  6. Create practices, processes, a way to organize that supports the real you and your direction forward.
  7. Have a small celebration – just you.


  1. Give honor to the past as you create the future.
  2. Take stock and appreciate where you are.
  3. Move forward. Absolutely refuse to become bogged down along the way.
  4. This is both internal and external. But it’s okay.