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Rainy Day

I went for a brief walk this morning. It has rained a lot lately so I selected an umbrella from my collection and headed out the door. The weather was mild, a departure from the near 100° of late. I stopped and listened to the water coming from three fountains near the center of the pond. Very soothing crisp sounds, undoubtedly more noticeable as there was no traffic or people around. As I headed home, I couldn’t help but think it was almost a waste that it wasn’t raining. Then immediately, it was!

I couldn’t help, but smile and raise a hand of thanks to God. Rain was in the forecast, but the immediacy of it makes me thankful for even small things. I also took the following photos. Enjoy!

Umbrella: Paul Smith Men’s, Doodle Print Walker

IMG 20160703 083422
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