Tea Project

This multi-step project is an extension of #StrongWomenWrite. Upon its announcement, twelve (12) sisters immediately signed up, forming the initial team, citing it resonated with each of them for a different reason. Nicole Evelina, historical fiction author, did a write-up shortly afterward sharing hers. You can read the article here.

I couldn’t be happier to share the strength and support we have given each other, with women rebuilding their lives after trafficking, and orphans who have aged out. People finding themselves in such situations have no place to call their own. The project’s name is Tanah Kami (Our Land in Indonesian), because our intent is to provide them with one, and at some point in the future, for them to do the same for someone else.

This project has three (3) parts: an Anthology, Tea House, and Tiny Home Community.

Part I: Anthology – Story collection begins September 1st. Publication, September 2020.
What: By women, about women. Half the anthology will feature true stories of women who have escaped trafficking, or left to fend for themselves after aging out of orphanages. The other half will feature fictional short stories (2-3 pages) by female authors. Stories can be anything, except gore or erotica, but must feature a strong female character..

Why: To help women reclaim their voice through writing. Provide female authors with a hands-on opportunity for impact, to build relationships, and mentor. Exposure and funding for Part II.

Seeking: 1) Female trafficking survivors, orphans willing to tell their stories. 2) Female authors who would like to contribute their work. Participation not limited to the United States. 3) Coordinators to serve as Project Liaisons.

Part II: Tea House – Within 12-16 months of the Anthology
What: We have a location in mind for a tea room that will provide the women with a source of income and opportunity to learn a trade/skill. It would be ideal if both the tea room and tiny home (Part III) were located on the same property. But, this will be determined by what Georgia law permits. The tea house will operate as a social business.

Present focus is the Anthology. To become involved, share insight, and for additional info, click here.

Anthology Submission Directions:

  • Use the form below.
  • Click the link in the email to update your writer bio. Next click ‘Favorite Publisher’ and search Tea Anthology Project (‚ô• to make it easy to return to).
  • Click the ‘Submit to this Publisher’ button, then ‘Add New Work’.
  • If your submission is non-fiction, use your name as the title. For description, use one of the following: Non-Fiction: Trafficking, Non-Fiction: Orphan, Non-Fiction: Other, Creative Non-Fiction. Select Anthology as the category, and upload.
  • For fiction submissions, enter the title of your work, brief story description, select Anthology as the category, and upload.
  • Once uploaded, click ‘Submit this Work’ at the top. And ‘Submit’ once more at the bottom (their way of double-confirming).
  • You will receive an email confirming your submission. Due to volume only those accepted will receive notification¬† some time in April 2020.
  • TXT, RTF, or Word documents only. 4mb size limit.
  • Original works only. No reprints.