#KickAssGirlsOfYA - April Events celebrating strong female leadsI was scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning when I ran across #KickAssGirlsOfYA, a series of events during the month of April celebrating strong female characters in YA (Young Adult) fiction. Libby Heily, author of Welcome to Sortilege Falls, is one of several authors participating in the month-long celebration. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

It is great to see hashtags calling attention to strong female leads. And that strength can be more than a physical display, but also courage, quiet inner strength, and resiliency – some of the things recently touched upon in the last #StrongWomenWrite Twitter chat. I believe it is not only women who enjoy these characters, but men also – women with determination, a sense of adventure, and intent on not only realizing, but fulfilling their purpose.

The first #KickAssGirlsofYA event is a Twitter discussion, this Friday at 9p EST. Full details on this and other events can be found at the Fire and Ice website. And if you know of any other events highlighting strong female leads, please post them in comments below.