The Powers that Lie by Brian & Khrys Vaughan

The Powers that Lie

EXCERPT: THE POWERS THAT LIE by Brian and Khrys Vaughan Chapter One A federal agent’s family gets caught in the crossfire of his hunt for an infamous criminal. During the course of the pursuit, he discovers power is not enough, justice lies, and myths are real. Release Date: TBD —————————————————- The setting sun shines upon Peter’s sunglasses. With

#PitMad 2016 Experience and Developing Pitch


With September 8th being the next #PitMad, thought this would be a good topic to revisit & hopefully provide insight. —————————————————————————– Last Thursday, I visited Twitter and saw #PitMad was trending – literally a massive party on Twitter where writers pitch their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts in 140 characters or less. I first saw mention of PitMad several