The Red Umbrella Society - Spring 2018 Release

Current WiP: The Red Umbrella Society

The Red Umbrella Society Just weeks before The Red Umbrella Society celebrates another centennial, a plot is discovered that has the potential to destroy the sisterhood if it isn’t stopped. But finding the culprit may be just as devastating, and prove they have done a better job protecting their clients than they have themselves.  This

Getting ready to shoot

Book Trailer – Done!

A little over a week ago, I filmed the trailer for my first book, The Red Umbrella Society! Although I’m a new author, I see how easy it is for authors to be consumed with writing to the exclusion of all else. Perhaps my background as a Consultant is why as I began to write TRUS, I always

Women's Screenwriting Workshop , SHE (Super Heroines Etc) Screenplay Reading

They Liked It!

I took the four-week Women’s Screenwriting Workshop offered by S.H.E. (Super Heroines Etc.), formerly the Nerdy Girls Society. It was facilitated by a professional screenwriter, and we worked hard to produce a 10-minute script by the end of the course. Everyone was engaged and supportive. And when the course ended, we thought it’d be great to have a SHE