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The Umbrella Craft

I’ve been fascinated by umbrellas every since I was little – my mom’s parasols, the Morton’s Salt Girl, the Avengers TV show, Bartitsu, et cetera. Perhaps it’s no surprise then, for me to be writing The Red Umbrella Society. That being the case, who knows when the idea for any story is first planted – is it the moment you ‘receive’ the idea, or perhaps something subconscious, but was always there?

Part of my research for writing this story included taking a closer look at umbrellas, the primary weapon of choice and one of clear designation in the Red Umbrella Society.  I was happy to come across the Umbrella Cover Museum in Peaks Island, Maine, Museo dell’Ombrello in Gignese, Italy, the Spy Museum in Washington, DC – all which I plan on visiting. But even more so, that the craft has survived in light of mass production and other changes to the industry. Umbrella making is a skill practiced by very few today, but it remains an art nonetheless.

I will post some of that information here along with other interesting items I come across. Meanwhile, I’ve started collecting umbrellas myself (red, of course) and will gladly accept additions to the collection 🙂