Author was never on my radar. Business came as natural as breathing to me. I served Small and Women-Owned businesses, and for-profit Social Enterprises for more than twelve (12) years in Consulting and Project Management. And enjoyed it until the day I came to the realization that although I had found formulas and solutions for everyone else, I had none that worked for me. What began as a brief hiatus, led me to create spaces for my own voice and unique blend of skills, and platforms for others to do the same. But it would take NaNoWriMo to reveal that I was actually creative, leading to the completion of my first book.

Because of this, my approach to writing, just as my influences, are different. I see cross-relationship between themes, story content with excellent marketing potential, and plot twists that if executed correctly, would thrill readers. I, also, see writing projects with appeal beyond the book and are ripe for transmedia opportunities (Augmented (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), video games, and more).

Out of this came #StrongWomenWrite – a unique literary organization for women who enjoy writing strong female characters, fight scenes worthy of them, and a fresh approach to writing. We enjoy the flexibility and opportunities writing provides. And the camaraderie of women who connect, challenge, and encourage each other to do so in ways that empower and work for them.

On a personal note, I am vegan, collect red umbrellas, make time for tea daily, and cheer my husband and children on as they pursue their dreams. In the midst of it all, I keep God first, family second, and all else, third.

Welcome to my ‘third’,

Other Things I’ve Done

Beer & Business Podcast Interview

90 Days to Launch (Her Startup, Creator and Facilitator)

Women in Green Technology Panel

In Her Company weekly radio show (Reached more than 15.000 listens)

Sub-Committee Chair, SBA/Small Business Week-St. Louis

Marketing Co-Chair, Women Build/Habitat for Humanity (Anti-Trafficking event with IJM)

JCI, Social Responsibility Committee Member, Project Advisor

Highly Empowered Women Conference

Urban League Empowerment Summit Speaker (2007, 2009)

Awareness to Action Panel