I never wanted to be an author. Business came as natural as breathing to me. I enjoyed Consulting and Project Management until the day I went on hiatus. It would take NaNoWriMo to reveal that I was actually creative, leading to the completion of my first book.

I am thankful. Because of this, my approach to writing, just as my influences, are different. I see cross-relationship between themes, story content with excellent marketing potential, and story twists that if told the right way, would jar readers. I, also, see writing projects with appeal beyond the book and are ripe for transmedia opportunities (AR, VR, video games, and more).

Out of this came #StrongWomenWrite – a unique literary organization for women who enjoy writing strong female characters, better fight scenes that do them justice, and call attention to their work. We enjoy the flexibility, opportunities writing provides. And the camaraderie of women who connect, challenge, and encourage one another to do so in ways that empower and work for them.

The Anthology represents the first step in our transition to meet the needs of women beyond writing and locality. And form a membership organization for women writers seeking a supportive sisterhood, fresh information and approaches to reinvigorate their write life, and an organization that is definitely not your typical writing group.

Click here to send a detailed message if you would like to be involved as a guest for our podcast, or instructor, speaker for our workshops. Sponsorship opportunities also exist for our 2020 events.