Author was never on my radar. Growing up, I wanted to be a nun, Olympic gymnast, and a truck driver (all at the same time). But author never made the list.

Because of this, my approach to writing and influences are also, different. Think, writing as a project. And the many detective shows I watched with my parents as a child more so than books. As much as I am surprised to find myself dwelling in creative spaces, my eye for story content with excellent marketing potential, writing projects with appeal beyond the book, and the ability to see applications of technology to literary to create more robust experiences for both the writer and readers, stems from business.

#StrongWomenWrite – a unique literary organization for women who write strong female characters, fight scenes worthy of them, and call attention to their work – incorporated this. In its three years, women were introduced to each other and perspectives outside of the typical writing resources, and became empowered to take full advantage of opportunities to craft the write-life they want. Not so different than Consulting. And proof there’s room for both right-brain and left in creative fields.

More about me as a Writer:

Genre: Fiction, Thriller/Suspense

Writing Style: Cinematic, complex plots, twisted stories

Published: Yes

Best Time to Write: Mornings

Coffee or Tea: Tea – daily.

Writing Playlist: Silence.

Influences: Investigative shows I watched growing up – Charlie Chan, Marcus Welby, MD; Police Woman, Columbo, Ironside, Kojak, Perry Mason, Matlock, Charlie’s Angels, Quincy, ME; Equalizer – because they made you think and things were rarely as they appeared. The Scarlet Letter A by Nathaniel Hawthorne for its strong moral message, symbolism, and vivid visuals. Video games Assassins Creed and Destiny for their depth, attention to world building, lore, and transmedia inspiration.

Most Surprising Thing About Writing: The aha! moments and personal growth you experience.

Best Experience: Learning Bartitsu because the characters in my book practiced it.

Longhand or PC: I write by hand, then type. There’s something about feeling your work take shape that simply does not come through on a keyboard. I, also, sketch as I write so it’s easier to do by hand.

Advice for aspiring writers: Keep it simple. Grab a pen, get your story idea out of your head, onto paper, and just write. You can always come back, shape the story, and edit later. Don’t criticize your work, or compare. Just write and give yourself a chance. Then, learn about the craft and how to improve your writing. You may surprise yourself.

Upcoming Release(s): The Powers that Lie is being edited for release in 2020. It was a great experience to write with my husband. I’m, also, in the process of writing Book Two of The Red Umbrella Society, and would greatly appreciate any feedback from readers. Authors do not receive the email of people who purchase their books, so feedback is the only way we know unless we otherwise connect.

Resources: 60 Scenes Method for Writers, Writing the Breakout Novel, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Y-Writer